The AVGO Solution

If Calcium Carbonate is so useful, why do we discard eggshells from industry?

The main reason was that in the past processes were ineficient and produced poor quality product. But that is the past.

At AVGO, with our revolutionary Rec-egg technology, we have managed to take these eggshells and convert them into food and pharma safe pure Calcium Carbonate.

We use a revolutionary process which reuses all of our own waste products, in a totally circular process.

Our product passes the E170 as well as global pharmacopea, BP/USP specifications for pure Calcium Carbonate required in the food and pharma industry.

Calcium Carbonate that is mined from the ground often has traces of toxic heavy metals such as Arsenic and Lead. The added benefit of using eggshell Calcium Carbonate instead of Ground Calcium Carbonate is that it is inherently low in these heavy metals and that is why our product passes the ICH Q3D guideline for heavy metal content with flying colours.

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