About Us

AVGO BIOTECH LTD. is an SME based in Grantham, England. The company was set up to to commercialise research outputs of Innovate UK funded projects 131471 and 102402, undertaken by AVGO BIOTECH and it’s sister company Cellular Systems with the aim of exploiting the co-products from the egg processing industry.

In the UK alone over 15,000 tonnes of eggshell co-products are produced every year, which is predominantly sent to landfill. There is a similar situation across Europe and elsewhere globally.

When scaled-up, Avgo Biotech will manufacture Calcium Carbonate that will meet the stringent specifications of the USP, BP, EP and fulfil the requirements of ICH Q3D, for consistently low heavy metals. Additionally, the process will produce a number of other valuable materials which have uses in the food, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. AVGO BIOTECH is engaged beyond these industries to find applications for other egg process co-products.

Cellular Systems is responding to demands in the food supplements industry for sustainable and vegan materials.

We believe in the Sustainable and Environmentally friendly use of food by-products

The AVGO Family