Pharmaceutical Grade Calcium Carbonate from Food Industry Co-Products

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AVGO’s mission

To become the leading European supplier of high purity food and pharmaceutical grade calcium carbonate from industrial eggshell co-products!

Why Eggshell Calcium Carbonate?

i. Sustainable source

Eggshells as a co-product are ever-present from the food processing industry.

ii. Recycled food products

What was once destined for the landfill, we can now recycle.

iii. Consistent low heavy metals

Low heavy metal and 2 Chloro-ethanol content makes it safer to consume.

iv. Reuse of waste products

Complete circularity of the process.

At AVGO BIOTECH, we source material from the food industry, under HACCP guidance, where co-products would ordinarily be sent to landfill – an environmentally unacceptable and unsustainable practice in 2022.

Demand for processed eggs is predicted to continually grow in the foreseeable future. Eggshells are naturally low in heavy metals; such as lead, arsenic and cadmium, a characteristic carried over during processing.